Zachary Lopez
Studio Artist
“Energy and raw feeling.  Serenity gained from recognition of darker emotions.  These are the themes that I draw upon in creating my highly idealized figures taking influence from favorite pop culture or more often, my own experiences struggling as non-bohemian, non-traditional young artist, husband, father, and professional.
As my compositions remind us, we are all on a arduous path of survival and climbing upwards, I hope that others can connect in realizing how much they too are emotionally suffering, in angst, depressed, and wishful while appearing at first glance appear living normally, happily day to day.  
This conflict of identities is also reflected in my works’ general feeling, serene in color theory and overall aestheticism of my pieces while many of figures pour out expressions of suppressed anger and cynicism.  
My main body of works are figurative, focusing only the subject and less on what is going on in the scene.  I often eliminate any background entirely to replace it with solid mood influencing hues.  At first glance of several of my pieces especially those with subjects posed in traditional angles, they look like portraits.  But the absence and emphasis of some of the detail especially in the face reveal idealized forms, portraits of nobody in particular, that anyone can identify with.  I  hope that you can relate closely to what you are seeing drawn by memories from your own past/present experiences and emotions.  “
                                       -Zachary Lopez
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